Thursday, December 3, 2009

Twitter - Retweet Function Disappeared

Did you notice that automatic retweets are gone? Just recently Twitter turned on the new retweet feature for all users. Then yesterday there was a feedback form for users, on the main timeline page, asking them what they thought about the new feature. Today, the survey and the retweet feature are gone. Twitter has not blogged or commented about the fact that retweets are off, leaving many asking their followers what happened to it. So what happened to it? We don't know either.

Twitter users have been tweeting their feelings about the new feature, but the majority of users didn't like it. Comments varied, but the most common one was that it is confusing to see non-followers in their timeline.

It isn't clear why the feature isn't showing up. But one thing is certain: most users are actually glad they don't have the feature anymore. We will have to wait and see what really happened to the feature, and what Twitter plans on doing in the future.


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