Monday, December 21, 2009

Japanese man marries his DS game, no one calls him crazy

.. until now! A Japanese man, who is obviously a little bit off his rocker, has married a character in a Japanese dating sim for his DS. Now that he’s married to his virtual girlfriend in the virtual DS dating simulation. Love Plus, he also apparently decided to go on a honeymoon with her - to Guam. You can’t make this stuff up, folks.

The man, who prefers to use his online name of SAL9000 (get it?!?), met his now virtual wife Nene Anegasaki while playing Love Plus. It was love at first touch - he married “her” a few weeks ago and broadcasts the ceremony live on a Japanese video-sharing site.

SAL9000, who did not want to reveal his real name for fear of being ridiculed admits that he’s an “otaku,” a person who is obsessed with video games, anime, computers and fantasy worlds. Some might call them NERDS.

{Via Reuters}


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