Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Dress Jinjee Preview - MOM, LOOK WHAT I MADE

Come Xmas, you want to share goodies with your loved ones.

And what better than the smartly dressed Gingerbread man on your iPhone/Ipod Touch. Give Jinjee a sticky coating and some sugary frosting. Add a few gum drop buttons that will have him smilin'!

Once Jinjee is ready, choose from a fun selection of wallpapers, record a greeting, and send your creation to family and friends!! Do you want to pass on a smile and some love? Then Jinjee is the man (or the woman) for the job!

Dress Jinjee- coming soon at the app Store for Xmas

• Drag your favourite colored frosting and gum drop buttons onto Jinjee.
• A fun selection of wallpapers to choose from.
• Customize the card with your voice
• Share it as a postcard

Visit their website for more details on Dress Jinjee.


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