Monday, December 7, 2009

100 Best iPhone & iPod Touch Wallpapers – For Free Download

Here is a list of 100 coolest iPhone and iPod Touch wallpapers for you to download to your iPhone for free. But there is one problem – how do I get the wallpaper onto my phone? I tried to go to wallpaper sites on my iPhone, but I can’t download them from the phone. Well, here is the answer: How to Install iPhone Wallpaper?
To save these wallpapers on to your iPhone:
1.Open this page on your iPhone
2.Tap your favorite Wallpaper and wait for the Wallpaper to reload
3.Tap and Hold on that Wallpaper
4.Select ‘Save Image’.
And then open your “Photos” app
5.Select ‘Camera Roll’
6.Open the Wallpaper image
7.Select ‘User as Wallpaper’
I have shared few popular iPhone wallpaper categories for now.





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