Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Lucky Me Lite iPhone App is Going Free – Test your Luck on iPhone

Lucky Me Lite - Lifestyle App with Good ratings on the app store

Lucky Me Lite is an iPhone app that helps test your luck on iPhone. A series of 7 mini games which helps test your luck. At the end of the 7 games, you get your luck score with a fortune quote which describes how good or bad your luck is heading to. Use our series of luck measures to see if you have the luck of the devil or just need to stay in and avoid doing anything to tempt fate. Lucky Me is a fun series of chance based games/activities that combine luck, intuition, and skill (yeah right). So once you receive your advice the only thing we recommend is for you to play the game again. What more, this app is Free for a limited time; down from $0.99. Here is the App Store link. Grab it..

Amazing list of features:

Attractions of the Game:

1) 7 incredible Multi-themed challenges
2) Customize and edit the app name after you, for e.g if you are Joe black, you can customize your game to ‘Lucky Joe’
3) Post your luck score and a unique message on Facebook
4) Multi-gesture games(tilt, tap, multi-touch, pinch, shake)
5) See your luck meter raise as you keep progressing through the challenges
6) Collect lucky charms (if more than 50% lucky)
7) Set a lucky charm wallpaper
8) Send your lucky charm to your loved ones
9) Compare your luck with your friends and challenge them


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Looks glam! How much does the pro version cost?

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