Tuesday, December 15, 2009

The top 10 iPhone apps for journalists and bloggers

"I've been a freelance journalist for 20 years now, and can honestly say that the iPhone has changed the way I work more than anything since wireless Internet access came along all those years ago. But what are the essential iPhone apps that a jobbing journalist, or blogger for that matter, cannot live without? I've not included the built-in apps that come with my iPhone 3GS such as mail, calendar, camera/video and the voice memo recorder, but rather have concentrated on my top 10 third party apps," Davey Winder writes for DaniWeb.

Davey's top 10 iPhone apps for journalists and bloggers:

1. Twittelator Pro
2. Evernote
3. WordWeb
4. Skype
5. Google
6. Google Maps
7. XE Currency
8. reMail
9. iTrans Tube and thetrainline
10. Wolfram Alpha LLC

{Via DaniWeb}


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