Monday, December 7, 2009

Lucky Me Pro Version $1.99

What is Lucky Me Plus?

Lucky Me Lite is a series of 14 mini games which helps test your luck. At the end of the 14 games, you get your luck score with a fortune quote which describes how good or bad your luck is heading to. Lucky Me Plus is now a loaded iPhone/iPod touch game with 14 back to back games, and lot of customizing features. It comes with a customized play list and a quick luck option, and allows users to ‘tweet’ their scores apart from a few more exhilarating features.


You also stand to win an attractive lucky charm if you score more than 50% on the Luck meter. I got 45 and I will try again for the score between 50-65.

This game has an additional feature of the game modes settings where you can select your own games to play. I will play with another set of games. Select, reorder your game list under Quick Luck, Feelin’ Lucky and My Favourites”. If you are exceptionally good, you may get a score like 80 and above.

And who doesn’t want a soothsayer to predict his/her luck for the day?

Grab it now >> Lucky Me Plus – $1.99 [App Store link]


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