Monday, December 7, 2009

A Major iPhone Malfunction

Can this happen to your iPhone too? This iPhone malfunction might have caused severe injury, reports Gizmodo. Bobby Hodges, friend of the owner of the iPhone in question, says that while plugged in to his friend’s speaker system, the music suddenly cut out and smoke began coming from the device, before bursting into flames.

I was at a fraternity house hanging out one night. One of my friends had his iPhone plugged into the speakers so we could have music. We had the usual speaker system, a receiver and some speakers. I was standing near the receiver when All the sudden the iphone cut off and started to smoke. The room filled up with what must have been hazardous smoke. After picking up the iPhone that was still extremely hot, the entire battery had been ejected from the phone and was sitting on the floor. The house smelled like burning electronics for the rest of the night and the iPhone left a square-ish burn mark on the table it was sitting on.

Hope Apple gets in touch with Bobby and investigate this issue.

{Via Gizmodo}


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