Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Most significant iPhone apps of 2009

Having been around for well over a year, the Apple iTunes App Store has reached the major milestones of 100,000 apps and 1 billion app downloads. Establishing its mobile platform and marketplace, Apple has a lot to reflect on in this past year.

The launch of the updated iPhone 3GS brought new opportunities for app developers, and raised some important issues moving forward as well. Here are some of the significant iPhone apps that made waves in 2009.

iPhone apps that make life easier

Evernote was a breakthrough app for this year, presenting a way to bookmark our real lives. Cataloging anything from photos to mobile Web clippings, the Evernote iPhone app can be used for just about any personal organization need. Free to download, Evernote turns our iPhones into our personal assistant with the memory of an elephant.

Urbanspoon gained popularity last year, with a prized spot on an iPhone commercial and a rather useful app. In 2009, Urbanspoon maintained its position, making local search a relative task no matter where you are. Find restaurants and venues while on the go, with this free app that makes your iPhone a handheld map and recommendation tool.

Notifications takes full advantage of the iPhone’s newer support of push notifications. Aggregating all the push notifications from various apps downloaded on your device, the $1.99 app helps you keep track and manage your mobile alerts. Set quiet times, email filters and other options for Notifications optimization.

Mobile social powerhouse iPhone apps

Tweetie 2 was released this year as an improvement on an already successful iPhone app. For $2.99, Tweetie 2 manages multiple Twitter accounts, adds context with local map views and has an offline mode. As Twitter reigns for mobile social blogging, Tweetie 2 provides the kingdom for iPhone users.

For even more social networking involvement, the highly anticipated Facebook app packed a lot of great features into its update for the iPhone 3GS. From video upload support to integrated contact options through the iPhone device, the free Facebook app has become the epitome of mobile social networking.

iPhone apps that are game-changers

Google Voice never made it to the Apple iTunes Store, but the iPhone app developed by Google was game-changing nonetheless. Rejected for competing with the iPhone device itself, Google Voice looked to make free phone calls over the AT&T network. Sparking controversy, Apple’s approval process for apps is now being questioned.

Stanza emerged last year as a user-friendly eBook reader for iPhone users, and has since been acquired by Amazon. While Amazon has launched an iPhone version of its own Kindle reader, the success and acquisition of Stanza proves the competitive potential of the iPhone as a multi-faceted device

Qik is a more notable mobile app for broadcasting live video streams directly from your device. With no support for live streaming on the iPhone, Qik has had to make do with its own free iPhone app, despite the iPhone 3GS’ inclusion of video support. This highlights the still-present downfalls of Apple’s mobile platform yet hints at its potential.

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