Friday, November 27, 2009

iPhone Rejections Are Speaking Out

The question of who is getting rejected and what makes one app better than another is something that is being asked quite frequently lately, and we now finally have a way to find out who is getting rejected and can see for ourselves what their apps are all about. While this will not change the fact that they are rejected, it will let the public decide if Apple is being fair or not. The site,, is the project of developer Adam Martin. He plans on making a list of apps that have been rejected for what most would consider “unusual and unfair.” Since nobody really knows how the process works, it may give a little insight to other developers in their quest to get their apps approved.

Of course, this is not the real motivation behind the site. That is more than likely for developers to have a site where they can talk about the evil empire that is Apple and how unjust and how unfairly they are being treated. Oddly enough, when digging a little deeper into the actual rejections, many of them fall into two categories: offensive or trademark violations.

Now, let us preface this with the fact that this is not a defense of Apple, it just seems as though many developers are not following some basic guidelines that could avoid all of this. Apple has made it very clear that they will not allow apps that are offensive in any way or that use specific name brands or logos in their product. For instance, they cannot use the word Google or a Mac icon and yet developers still do and are then upset when the app gets rejected.

On the flip side, there are still plenty of apps that have been rejected that look as though they are perfectly harmless on the outside and do not show any obvious violations. It really is tough to call as to why some of these apps are not allowed in other than the fact that Apple does not want to just allow every app to be published. At times, it may just be a case of wrong place and wrong time.

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