Thursday, November 26, 2009

iPhone owners more likely to pay for digital content

iPhone owners are much more likely to pay for digital content than the average Internet user, according to a recent survey conducted by the media firm Olswang. Although previous surveys have concluded that iPhone owners have an apatite for apps and media accessible directly from the handset interface, the latest research suggests the same group is also spending more money on content purchased on other Internet-connected devices such as a desktop and notebook computers.

Of respondents that own one of Apple's handsets, 73 percent would pay for online access to a film that had just hit the cinemas, while 67 percent would pay for a film that is still a few months away from DVD availability, according to a summary of the data posted on 9 to 5 Mac. Only 58 percent of the general population would pay for online viewing of current cinema films, with 52 percent claiming they would buy a digital copy of a movie before the DVD was released.

For TV shows, 40 percent of iPhone owners would pay for an online subscription compared to 30 percent of the general group. Similar numbers are also observed for purchases of e-books.

"It seems to be that people get used to paying for content, such as an application on the iPhone because it is so easy and the idea of paying for something suddenly becomes much less of a barrier than it is online where people are used to getting so much for free," said Olswang partner John Enser.

A recent report suggests a consortium of magazine publishers is collaborating on a digital portal described by one source as 'iTunes for magazines.' Other publishers are reportedly working on strategies to bring their content to an Apple tablet, despite the lack of official confirmation or specs on such a device.

[via Wired]


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